Aaron Hojman’s Casa Zinc


Interior design guru and owner of The Trading Post (an antique shop housing treasures collected from his worldly travels), Aaron Hojman has infused Casa Zinc with the same well traveled eclecticism that makes up his vibrant personality. The bedrooms inside are named for the objects within: in the Back to School room hangs classic chalkboards and protractors, the Arquitecto study is home to a draftsman’s table, map chest and work bench and the Biblioteca room resembles a, well, a library.


The days at Casa Zinc float by at a languid and peaceful pace. Noontime breakfast at the communal table becomes an inert afternoon spent at the nearby beach or underneath the resident olive tree (preparation for the nightlife festivities to come, no doubt). But this laissez faire approach applies not only to breakfast. The staff are known to treat guests like friends, offering up well kept local secrets. And rumor has it, with a little advance warning, inspired guests can commandeer the kitchen to fix themselves a self cooked meal.

Check out their website at www.casazinc.com

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