A Digital Holga ?


Holga D is a digital camera inspired from the extremely popular cult of the Lomography Holga and other toy cameras of its kind. Invented by Indian product designer Saikat Biswas this digital Holga (prototype), retains the qualities and simplicit......

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  • http://www.briancparks.com Brian

    That just made my day. I have a whole box of holga stuff that’s been sitting in my trunk for months now. The art of developing your own film is something that, unfortunately, I have never quite mastered to any degree of satisfaction. Awesome news!

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  • http://killua.eu/ Pavel

    cool! thanks for sharing the news :)

  • curciousUser

    Sounds intriguing. Would like to know the targeted retail price.

    My bet is that the full frame sensor will come in heavy here. The sad thing is that silicon (sensor) cost goes way up as sensor aera increases. For a true holga equivalent you’d ideally want 60x60mm sensor. These are very very dear.

    The cost of one of these is likely to exceed even that of a mid-range full frame camera. Will people spending that much on a camera be content with a plastic lens image quality?
    Wasn’t the whole point of the holga that it’s cheap and unpretentious?

    But if you can deliver me a full frame sensor for less than $100, I’m in! and expect some serious modding to mushroom around this new Holga.

  • http://destructionoftheemptyspaces.blogspot.com/ emptyspaces

    Brilliant! Lets hope they get smart & drop in a 5-megapixel cameraphone sensor to keep costs down. A real Holga is $25 plus a roll of film, so this cannot be an expensive camera. And you don’t want those images looking TOO good.


  • Buzz Kill

    This isn’t real. This is a prototype/concept. And this isn’t news, as this has been floating around the Internet since last year…

  • http://trendland.com Cyril Foiret

    @Buzz Kill (Virginie) : Did we say it’s real ? Did we say its news ? Sometimes we review illustrators form the 60s, those are not news either. We just liked it and wanted to write about it for our readers that didnt saw it ‘floating around the Internet’ for a year. That’s it!

  • Gary Blake

    Will never have the HDR or pleasing aesthetic of film.