70’s Stylized Polaroid Collaboration with Neil Krug and Joni Harbeck


Photographer Neil Krug has been hanging in the desert with his supermodel girlfriend Joni Harbeck making PULP, a book of washed out, grainy, 70......

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  • ani

    umm you found one of my weaknesses. i love 70's throwbacks, and this couple was definitely alive in the counterculture of the seventies. i dont know if they were butterflies, marajuana, birds or marlboro reds but they lived it, you can see in these photos they have been re incarnated. i absolutley love images 3,4,9 and 10! ughhh so freakin' good! i have to know more. thanks

  • http://taniannette.blogspot.com/ Alaia Izabela

    feeling these so much. incredible incredible incredible find. i just saved all of these to my desktop yehhh

  • patriciademiranda

    fantastic work ;o)) was a soo good surprise to see it that deserves a comment here ;o))

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  • kristieroda

    Incredible pictures, I just love all of them… Thanks for sharing this great post!

  • http://styleblog.am/ styleblog

    they really take me to 70s :)

  • styleblog

    they really take me to 70s :)

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  • andreasstavrinides

    Great works!..