40 Best Sex Ads


Studies have shown that the sexier the ad, the less the brand is remembered. Then why still use the sexual imagery in advertising?

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  • Marfa

    Tom Ford?

  • Rebecca

    Depressingly distinct absence of adverts aimed at women… is it that they think we have no libido or is that they realise we’ll just see straight through cheap marketing ploys?

  • http://www.ignaciogiri.com Ignacio

    In this list is missing Vulva: http://www.vulva-original.com/en/

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  • http://www.raief.com gregw2

    Interesting. The pictures in the ads so draw attention, and probably do create some recognition for the product. Just because the ad is not remembered does not mean that the association is not remembered subconsciously, which could produce and probably does contribute to sales of the products.
    The associated feelings created by the ad pictures meld with the product and help to generate sales when the ad viewer sees the product, not necessarily remembering the picture or the photo in the ad but recalling the feelings that they had when they saw the ad and again when they see the product.

  • http://mediawarna.com Haryanto

    Nice list. Do you have a list of sex ads that failed..???

  • carbonware

    Rebecca, Perhaps the list is missing ads directed at women because a guy wrote the article and put it in a men’s website first. There are just as many sexy ads for women as are most ads in general such as the over done and over used stupid male smart or clever female that so many agencies rehash over and over again.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQOEASVYUKSCHFJDF3PVXCPI5I CatM

    I don’t know if anyone can help me because I don’t have many details, but I am looking for a specific ad that I saw in one of my boyfriend’s magazine’s about 5 years ago. It was either in Maxim, Men’s Health or Playboy. I don’t remember exactly what was being advertised, I believe a men’s clothing or watch line, I know the brand name was a man’s name. It was of a dim bedroom. A man is standing at the edge of the bed with I think a tank top on, suit pants..and at his feet is a woman on her knees, in his white dress suit, her hands tied under her breasts with what looks like was probably his tie. I believe she may have been blindfolded also. It was in black and white…..
    I know this is not a lot of detail but if anyone knows how I might search something like this…I’ve been trying for months and can’t find it anywhere.

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40 Best Sex Ads
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