Antony Micallef Sculptures

Antony Micallef is mostly known for his charcoal and oil paintings in which he transforms iconic logos, symbols and motifs into striking commentaries on the witless nature of today’s consumerist society. I fell in love the other day with Micallef’s amazing bronze and nickel plated sculptures that I saw at the Post No Bills gallery…


Nicola Felaco Vector Art

Italian graphic artist Nicola Felaco likes to paint vectors on canvases – big, blown up vectors. Using different kind of vectors each time, he paints abstract faces. I especially like his Super Mario painting.  Pretty similar to Jonathan Puckey & Kazuki Takamatsu’s art but with a different kind of rendering.

henrik vibskov-ss2012-4

Henrik Vibskov S/S 2012

Whether it is in runway format or a presentation, as it was this time at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS 2o12, we can always expect to teleport into some abstract fantasy of Henrik Vibskov’s mind to view his latest collection. I especially liked all of Vibskov’s knitwear for SS 2012. It reminded me a lot of…

anna-sofie madsen-ss2012

Anna-Sofie Madsen S/S 2012

Copenhagen Fashion Week just ended and Anne-Sofie Madsen’s SS 2012 Collection was definitely the highlight for me. Her experiences with Peclers-Parisian trend agency, John Galliano, and as junior designer at Alexander McQueen have really helped to make her a smart and well-rounded designer. Though her instinct seems to lie in couture she does a beautiful…

Gotye and Kimbra

Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know (ft. Kimbra)

Listen to “Somebody That I Used To Know” here BUY HERE Here is a tour de force brought by Australian multi-instrumental musician Wouter De Backer. You can call him, Gotye. The fragment of indie-pop band, The Basics has stepped into single hood and is mingling with one of the strongest vocalists currently putting out tunes,…

Mercer Cobra

One-off 1965 Mercer Cobra Roadster

Here is a red flag to our more affluent readers! This blinging one-off 1965 Mercer Cobra Roadster is about to be auctioned off in M0nterey and is predicted to go between $800,000 – $1.2 mm. This beauty ” is described as ‘based on a Mercer Raceabout’ and was designed by Virgil M. Exner and his…


Florian Schmid Concrete Stitching

After discovering the concrete design by Shnmuel Linksi, here is Stitching Concrete, a project by industrial design graduate Florian Schmid. Using the new material Concrete Canvas, it combines the softness of cloth with the stability of concrete to make these beautiful stools.

Veronica Falls_Starry Eyes

Veronica Falls: Starry Eyes and Come On Over

Listen to “Starry Eyes” here BUY HERE To make a cover your own is an accomplishment of its own. To reincarnate is a whole ‘nother cup of tea. London-based Veronica Falls revived Rory Erickson’s punk song, “Starry Eyes” into a shiny, new and improved version complete with a lighthearted and love bitten twist.


The Barcode House [Washington]

Located Washington, D.C. the Barcode House designed by David Jameson Architect gets its name from design details that are inspired by.. well, barcodes! Minimalist design exploring juxtapositions between the heavy and light and the old and the new. No privacy, but a lot of light, I personally would see this more as an office than…

julia hetta photography-1

Julia Hetta Photography

Swedish photographer Julia Hetta has developed a romantic style that often resembles the character and class of renaissance paintings. Though her images carry this sensous and pure vibe you can also find an underlying darkness portrayed within. I am a fan her ability to exude such a powerful the mood in her photographs.

Concrete Design by Shmuel Linski-1

Concrete Design by Shmuel Linski

Israeli product designer Shmuel Linski has a passion for working with raw, rough materials. This love brought him to using concrete as the main material in unexpected consumer products. Here are two products of his latest design: speakers and coffee machine.


‘Magnum Art’ Ad Campaign

The new Magnum Temptation print ad campaign is an explosion of flavor ‘Expialidocious’ – “Magnum Art” showcases beautiful explosions of color and flavors in rich, intense and effective prints. Photographers Diver & Aguilar, were commissioned by Spanish advertising agency Lola,to explore the possibilities of this concept. And the result is pretty stunning!


Trendhome : Country Home in Palmela, Portugal

In Trendhome today we feature the retreat home of Portuguese interior designer Monica Penaguiao in Palmela, Portugal. The country home is full of charm. The all-white walls, interior and out, are tastefully dressed in many colors and patterns, seamlessly mixing modern and vintage that gives so much character. Looks like a great place to get…


Jay-Z & Kanye West: Why I Love You (ft. Mr Hudson)

Listen to “Why I Love You (ft. Mr Hudson)” here BUY HERE Major royalty in hip hop right now are Jay-Z and Kanye West, and they just decided to cement their kingdom with collaborative LP, Watch The Throne. That’s a confident authority. First came Jay-Z, then came Kanye on his 2001 Blueprint album, then came…


Bertil Nilsson Dance Photography

Dancers, contortionists or gymnasts, the Swedish, London-based photographer Bertil Nilsson has shot them all in a beautiful and unusual way. Taking inspiration from movement and the human form, Nilsson collaborates extensively with dancers and contemporary circus performers.

Clinton Friedman-botanica prints-7

Clinton Friedman Botanical Prints

I am loving the botanical prints of photographer Clinton Friedman, in which he attempts to log into history and create new purpose for these healing plants that he saved from a black market in Africa and replanted in his yard to bring back to life. Once the plants regain their strength and shape Friedman temporarily…


Dan Hillier “Feather and Claw” Series

  I adore the latest works of UK artist Dan Hillier. He combines fragments of Victorian imagery and anatomical studies from the natural world to create darkly humorous hybrids. These assemblages suggest the extinct traditions of regal portraits married with a surreal elements which reminds me of Max Ernst’s art. “These forgotten images and discarded memories re-write a gorgeously…


Andy Gilmore Kaleidoscopic Illustrations

A master of color and geometric composition, Andy Gilmore‘s work is often characterized as kaleidoscopic and hypnotic. Though it could just as well be described as visually acoustic, his often complex arrangements reference the scales and melodies in music. Gilmore’s journey toward this

supernatural-mert and marcus-love magazine-9

Mert and Marcus for Love Magazine #6

Lara Stone, Mariacarla Boscono, Kristen McMenamy, Nyasha Matonhodze and Daphne Groeneveld in “Super Natural” photographed by Mert & Marcus and styled by Katie Grand and Panos Yiapanis for Love Magazine #6. Each portraits alludes to some kind of religious icon using different representational headpieces.


Ice Cream Series by Jonathon Kambouris

It’s summer, it’s hot and a delicious ice cream is always thoroughly enjoyable, so when I stumbled on this beautiful Ice Cream series by Brooklyn based photographer Jonathon Kambouris I had a sudden craving!


Visual Explosion of Colors

This beautiful explosion of colors and patterns was created by Dutch visual artists MRRK and Ine van den Elsen to create a 21st century version of the liquid light shows from the late 60?s.  All visuals in this video were made by hand. The music is a bit intense but the visuals are just stunning!

chad wys-nocturne-4

Chad Wys’ Nocturne Series

Last year around this time we introduced you to Chad Wys‘ controversial art. Since then he produced a series entitled ” Nocturne”, that I really liked. Taking portraits from the Renaissance era he uses a process he refers to as deconstruction to “understand how culture interacts with the visuality that permeates there”. Having studying art…

sissy wish

Sissy Wish: Dance All Night With You

Listen to “Dance All Night With You” here The sun hardly sets in Norwegian summer skies, and maybe that’s what inspired Sissy Wish in her desirous-titled single, “Dance All Night With You.” You can surely dance all night when the sun stays up with you. Interesting enough, Siri Ålberg’s stage name derived from Per Pusling,…


Malika Favre Vector Illustrations

I discovered the work of French graphic designer/illustrator Malika Favre a while ago when she worked on the Wallpaper magazine Sex issue. With her very distinct vector style, Favre’s illustrations leave a strong impression. I love her sexy half women/half animal illustrations. See my favorites below.

Roy Lichtenstein Entablatures-Paula Cooper Gallery-3

Roy Lichtenstein Entablatures

The Paula Cooper Gallery in New York will present an exhibition of works by Roy Lichtenstein from his celebrated Entablatures series.  The paintings, realized between 1971 and 1976, will be on view from September 17 through October 22, 2011. The entablature is an architectural element resembling a band or molding lying horizontally above the columns of…


Soulland Design Danemark Post Stamp

For the first time in Danish history the Danish postal service, Post Danmark collaborated with a fashion brand for the redesign of their post stamps. Fashion menswear brand Soulland has designed one of the two ‘fashion stamp’ collaborations. This morning at the city hall in Copenhagen, Post Danmark revealed the Soulland stamp. The stamp is…

m83-midnight city

M83: Midnight City

  Listen to “Midnight Cities” here BUY HERE M83 released their catchy tribal shouting single, “Midnight City” for streaming and free download on the band’s official website. The shiny, new double LP, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming happens to be their 6th studio album and should be hurrying on up and releasing itself by October 18th…


Vincent Leroux’s Interior Photography

I discovered the work of French photographer Vincent Leroux yesterday while reviewing this Parisian residence. I really enjoy his interior photography work and his attention to detail. Shooting for the likes of AD and Marie Claire Maison amongst others, Leroux’s portfolio is full of amazing interiors as well as great creative portraits.