jeanne de tallante-BEJART

Jeanne Detallante’s Art

Parisian artist Jeanne Detallante’s work has been featured in some of the most influential print magazines, including Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, and GQ for her meticulously rendered illustrations. Living in New York for the past few years she has become even more of a global name in the art world.


Martin Margiela White Object Collection

The Line 13 of Maison Martin Margiela started in 1999. The small collection of objects called “white objects” will be in stores October 2009, and is part of a future interior design and Architecture that the Maison is working on…

Damien Blottière photography-1

Damien Blottierre Photography/Art

Starting as a fashion editor, after finishing fashion school, for Mixte, Purple and Dazed and Confused without a doubt helped photographer Damien Blottiere see images in a different way than his peers. This is not to say that his style can be credited with working at those magazines but rather the undertanding of creating highly…


Serge Birault Illustrations

French Digital Artist, Serge Birault aka Papaninja, have some great illustrations in his portfolio, love the mix of sexy pinup style, humor, goths and guns !