PaperMag‘s Johnny Misheff recently named INVEN.TORY the best new shop in Nolita, New York City. And it’s no wonder- with it’s incredible finds and even better prices, INVEN.TORY is paving the road to a smarter way of shopping. Founder Mike Townsend thinks of the store as a curated boutique that is category and not brand-driven. That isn’t to say that the store doesn’t carry must-have brands- while the clothing in the store rotates weekly…

Saks x Shepard Fairey

In response to the decline in retail, Saks has commissioned Shepard Fairey to do a Russian Constructivism propaganda-inspired marketing campaign urging customers to consume. Though this is by no means Shepard’s first huge corporate client, he is able to continuously project his guerrilla style, street marketing on to these corporate moguls. I love this campaign!


Leah Tinari

In an other style of Caricature, Leah Tinari is inspired by 35mm photography, she said ‘The photographs that interest me most are the ones that someone else would rip up or erase from their digital camera shortly after they are taken‘ – She is also intrigued with […]


Blake Loosli Caricatures

While many caricaturists easily poke fun at the celebrities they depict, Blake Loosli’s paintings let them retain their finer qualities as well. You can see here, that his drawings skills and technique has evolute whit his self portrait drawings …


Kanye’s LV Kicks Hit the Runway

Kanye’s collab with the Louis Vuitton Spring 09 line called “Kanye LV” stepped out in Paris on Thursday. The monochromatic beauties are just the kind of low-pro steeze expected from the K; of course he had to throw the little Louis flowers at the sole. Not sure what’s going on in the back with […]