2 Verandas Villa by Gus Wüstemann [ Switzerland ]

This beautiful villa in Erlenbach Switzerland is home to a South African family who asked for a house that the made most of an enormous plot wanting a view, but not wanting to end up with a house on top of the hill and a rest of a garden down below. Architect studio, Gus Wüstemann Architects came up with a solution which was to occupy the periphery of the site, with the main house on top of the hill and the pool house at the bottom, both houses connected through a solid stony promenade: 2 verandas. 


The park resides from three sides, the stony promenade connects the two verandas, which is a site in and of itself, where you walk or sit and enjoy the view to the lake or the park. With the promenade, the garden moves up to the level of the living room and it connects all levels of the house with the garden.

The main house is a stone and concrete, a hammer shaped volume over two levels, that contains the living rooms. Upstairs is the public living room and dining with a beautiful view over the lake of Zurich. On the ground level is the family lounge with an exterior patio that can be joined as one room with the living room. All the windows disappear and the inside and outside patio become one, the patio connecting all the buildings. There are two rooms which cross above each other at the ground floor level were there is a wooden curtain used to create the private sleeping quarters.

This may be stark for some, however, the use of color and space warms up the hard materials used. This house is for those who refuse clutter opting for clean minimalism, allowing the outdoors inside. Nature takes on the role of decor here, allowing for integration of body, mind and spirit.

More information at www.guswustemann.com & www.architizer.com

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