Plastic People by Maria Svarbova
By Guest Blogger - 18 Dec 2014
Bratislava-based photographer Mariá Svarbová returns with yet another enigmatic and carefully executed editorial, this time around with mannequins as protagonists and surroundings perfect for intelligence work, of course, with her signature penchant for paranoia.
By Cyril Foiret - 18 Dec 2014
Born more than 30 years ago to provide dependable protection and performance in all conditions, Nike ACG is …
By Massiva Aliane - 18 Dec 2014
By Angela Gleason - 18 Dec 2014
First timers experiencing Monsoonsiren (aka Nathan Menon) here: welcome to “cinematic funeral music” – as he calls it. Laced with delicate, hymnic electronic layers,
By Cyril Foiret - 17 Dec 2014
«Voyage Céleste» (Celestial Travel) is a dreamlike creation around an elusive plant, the delicate dandelion. Mr Bibor sets his lair on the Colette rooftop. Duy Anh Nhan Duc was lucky to
By Cyril Foiret - 17 Dec 2014
In the celebration of Christmas, Joint London have imagined what would happen if today’s top fashion designers tailored their current collections to fit Santa Claus.