Humlegården Apartment

Departing from Swedish traditional use of colors and patterns, this apartment design is inspired by the unusual quality of the location…



Empty Public Spaces by Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer is a photographer known for her large-format images of architectural interiors. After completing studies at the Cologne…
Fast Food Romance

Fast Food Romance is a hyper visual story paired with an existential narrative posing question about…


Organic Beauty

O rganic beauty is of the moment. But apart from being trendy, it has real inherent value. People are becoming ever more consumed with…

The Personal Workspace

T he Personal Workspace  customizes and carefully curates an otherwise dull office desk.

Modern African Dwellings

W With a focus on primary colors juxtaposed with deep, rich and even light brown tones, wooden…


The Montauk Beach House

The Montauk Beach House is a boutique hotel set in the middle of Montauk town just a block away from the beach.

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